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Customer Testimonials
I've ordered from you a few times and have always been pleased with the quality of your products and impressed by your quick processing time. Many thanks to everyone behind the scenes!!!
Layna - New York ,United States
Sep-14-2010 16:39 
Just a short note to let you know that I received my beads. More gorgeous beads and exactly what I needed. Your silversmiths are very talented
Katie - United Kingdom
Sep-14-2010 17:22 
Thank you - my order was received today.I am very happy with your fast delivery and quality product. I will buy again next time I need more.
Sheena - United Kingdom
Sep-13-2010 19:36 
2nd time I have ordered from you very pleased again thank you.
Elena - New York ,United States
Sep-11-2010 17:32 
Thank you soooo much all the order arrived safetly and i am happy with the products and your service. thanks again sam
Sam - Australia
Sep-10-2010 6:43 
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Company Mission Statement

The Hill Tribe Silver Program uses local Karen artisans who work in direct connection with Silver House. These experts are valued members of our company and receive wages greater than the average minimum wage. Through their diligence we are able to preserve this traditional art of silver making, but more importantly, through mutual respect and dialogue we are able to ensure the long term well being of our hill tribe workers and their families.

Making silver has developed into a profitable industry for a generally poor people as well as a positive alternative to producing illicit crops or environmentally destructive agriculture. When you purchase Silver House silver, you not only are receiving 99.9% guaranteed silver, but you are helping to ensure the welfare of future generations of Karen people and their ability to preserve this local art of silver making.

In connection with our goal of sustainable development through entrepreneurship, Silver House helps to fund education programs, the building of schools, and training facilities for villagers—all within their local communities. Our goal is an end to the exploitation of the local Karen people—including their dependence on the production of illegal drugs as means of an income as well as their unfortunately necessary migration to the city in search of work.

By purchasing Silver House silver, you support to the sustainability of the Karen people by giving them confidence in their ability to produce goods and earn money in a locally supported and sustainable manner. In order to help us continue to compete in an industry that is not always based on fair trade, please help us to increase our continued support for these Karen artisans through purchases of Thai Karen Silver House silver.

Support the money for building the dormitory

Support the forest plus coffee tree campaign for reducing global warming

Support the money for building tank

Support the money for building tank

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Thai Karen Silver Hanging Circle Pendant NL046
Thai Karen Silver Hanging Circle Pendant NL046

$38.06 USD
Thai Karen Silver Rugged Circle Toggle TG072
Thai Karen Silver Rugged Circle Toggle TG072

$5.39 USD
Thai Karen Silver Cross Printed Bangle BG011
Thai Karen Silver Cross Printed Bangle BG011

$62.15 USD
Thai Karen Silver  Ivory Shape Earrings ER030
Thai Karen Silver Ivory Shape Earrings ER030

$3.3 USD
Thai Karen Silver  Dew Drop With Hanging Stick Earrings ER046
Thai Karen Silver Dew Drop With Hanging Stick Earrings ER046

$8.47 USD
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